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Apology & Clarification: Treatment of Apostates Comment

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis would like to retract his comments that rationalised the punishment (in an ideal Islamic country; which does not exist today) for apostates who fight and commit treason against the community*. The statement that “beheading is painless” was made while under pressure on an on-line video blog show a few years ago, called “The Magic Sandwich Show”. He would also like to apologise for any offence and hurt caused. It was a ridiculous, immature and irresponsible statement to make. It was a statement that does not represent his views at all.

Hamza would also like to bring to attention the fact that two members of his family chose to accept Islam and then subsequently left the religion. His relationship with them is one of love, compassion, tolerance and respect. Hamza’s view on apostasy are clear. He has recently made the following statements during a public discussion,

“There is no such thing as apostasy laws in Islam…we don’t believe in a thought police…I’ve been spending eight years in this country (UK) going to apostates’s homes. I get calls by mothers, fathers and even by apostates. And they ask, ‘Hamza can you come to our house because we have huge issues’…I sit there and what do I do? I bring the families together and do you know what my advice is? Don’t hate them, use compassion, use love…So my point is very clear, you don’t kill anybody. You have articulation, dialogue and compassion.”[1]

*Please note Hamza Andreas Tzortzis does not promote, advocate or condone violence or discrimination against people who have chosen to leave the religion of Islam. The Islamic conception of treason and sedition laws does not equate to apostasy; the mere changing one’s mind.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmgJLOHALlQ