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Debate MP3: Is Atheism or Islam More Rational?

Dan Barker, USA’s leading Atheist and founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, debates Hamza Andreas Tzortzis on which is more rational, Islam or Atheism.

Duration: 1 hour 54 mins (⇓ Download/Listen 31MB)

Debate MP3: God – Fairy Tale or Truth? 

Dr. Lars Gule, Scandinavia’s leading humanist and atheist, debates Hamza Andreas Tzortzis on the existence of God and Islam.

Duration: 2 hours 53 mins (⇓ Download/Listen 50MB)

Who is this God Person Anyway?

Grant Bartley, Assistant Editor at Philosophy Now, asks “Who is this God person anyway?” with Barry Hingston promoting Christianity, Hamza Tzortzis promoting Islam, and Richard Baron promoting atheism. Who can make the best case for their belief system? Will any of them persuade you? First broadcast on 20 September 2011 on Resonance FM.

Duration: 55 mins (⇓ Download/Listen 50MB)