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Islamic Awareness Tour 2013

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis is touring universities in the UK as part of an Islam Awareness Tour. The key themes that Hamza will be addressing are the existence of God, purpose of life, the inimitability and miracle of the Qur’an, science and revelation and the truth of the Prophet Muhammad’s claim to prophet-hood.

Below is a list of universities. More events are in the process of being confirmed. This list will be updated on a daily basis:

  • 28 Jan: University of Sussex – “He Who Changed The World: Prophet Muhammad, His Legacies and the iPhone” 6PM, ARTS A2.
  • 2 Feb: UCL – “The Eternal Challenge Workshop” Christopher Ingold Building, Chemistry Auditorium, 20 Gordon Street, WC1H 0AJ.
  • 5 Feb: UCL – “The Miracles of the Qur’an” 4:30PM, Archaeology G6 LT.
  • 6 Feb: University of Brighton – “Is Life Just a Game?” 5:30PM, LT1 Cockcroft Building.
  • 7 Feb: Oxford University – “Muhammad: Liar, Deluded or Truthful?”  University of Oxford, Harris LT at Oriel College, 7PM.
  • 11  Feb: Nottingham Trent University – “Muhammad: Liar, Deluded or Truthful?” Nottingham Trent University, Maudlay Building, 6:15PM.
  • 12  Feb: Bristol University – “Is Life Just a Game?” University of Brighton, LT1 Cockcroft Building, 5:30PM.
  • 18  Feb: University of Cambridge – “The Purpose of Life” Keynes Hall, King’s College, Cambridge, 7PM.
  • 19  Feb: University of Sheffield –  “Prophet: Liar, Deluded or Truthful?” Arts Tower, LT6, 6:45PM.
  • 20  Feb: University of Leicester – “Does God Exist?” Ken Edwards Building, LT 1, 2.15PM
  • 21  Feb: University of Lincoln –  “The Existence of God” Business & Law Building BL1101, 6:30PM.
  • 22 Feb: University of Huddersfield – “Has Evolution Been Misunderstood?” Technology Building, T509, 6PM.
  • 23  Feb: Kings College London – “A course on articulating the rational foundations of Islam” (TBA)
  • 25  Feb: Cardiff University – “Is Life Just a Game?” Law Bilding, Room 2.27, 6PM.
  • 26 Feb: University of Nottingham – “Is Life Just a Game?” Law and Social Sciences, B62. 7PM.
  • 27 Feb: University of Portsmouth – “Islam and the West, God and the Qur’an” Portland 1.53, 5:30PM.
  • 4 Mar: University of Southampton – “Godless in the Age of Science” Venue: 32/1015, 6:40PM.
  • 5 Mar: Kings College London – “What is the Purpose of Life?”
  • 9 Mar: The Big Debate – “Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?” With Professor Lawrence Krauss – UCL, London. For more details and to register please go to: http://www.thebigdebates.com/debates/islam-or-atheism.
  • 11 Mar: Kings College London – “The Existence of God”
  • 12 Mar: Salford University – “Muhammad: Liar, Truthful or Deluded?” Chapman Building, 5PM.
  • 13 Mar: Medway University – “Has Evolution Been Misunderstood?”
  • 18 Mar: Aston University – “Atheism or Theism?”
  • 21 Mar: Brunel University – TBA