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Unintentional Lack of Citation

Last updated 9 July 2013

NOTE: this clarification is outdated as the website has been updated with new and amended essays and articles.

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis would like to apologise to Dr. William Lane Craig for not directly referencing his work in the blog post “A Response to the God Delusion“. Although Hamza has referenced Dr. Craig in various essays and posts, the blog post in question was  a draft and the intention was to update the piece and fully reference it.  The corrections and references have been updated, and an email was sent to Dr. Craig to apologise. It must be noted that the whole piece is a product of Hamza’s wider reading, however it was an unprofessional  delay in updating the article. An Atheist blogger has made an issue out of the situation by claiming deliberate plagiarism, however the claim is unfounded as Hamza has referenced Dr. Craig’s works many times before, and therefore the lack of citation was not deliberate.

There are other articles that use references taken from some of Dr. Craig’s work. Although Hamza Tzortzis has read copies of the referenced material, some of the references were taken from Dr. Craig’s and others’s work. This is clearly mentioned as an editorial note in the beginning of the pieces. Over the next few months the website will be updated to move away from using compiled blog-type work to work that is in line with best practice and academia.